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Life is Awesome

Life is awesome. And before you jump to the conclusion that I'm going to brag about how great I think my life is for the entirety of this post, please hear me out. I'm not saying this simply because I think my life is awesome, but I really think life in general is the coolest thing… Continue reading Life is Awesome

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Branching Out Your Free Time: Netflix and No Chill

At the Connections conference in Traverse City, Michigan, all participants attended leadership lectures on topics that interested them.  I decided, based off of a small description, to go to one about budgeting free time called "Branching Out Your Free Time: Netflix and No Chill" (another factor was how clever the title was). In this session, we were taught… Continue reading Branching Out Your Free Time: Netflix and No Chill

Leadership Training

Connections are Key

Central Michigan University's Leadership Institute doesn't lie when it claims it's the nation's premier undergraduate leadership program. The tools and resources it uses to develop student leaders is phenomenal, and I am so thankful to be one of those impacted by it. This past weekend, my Leader Advancement Scholarship cohort and I attended the Connections conference hosted by… Continue reading Connections are Key