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Branching Out Your Free Time: Netflix and No Chill

At the Connections conference in Traverse City, Michigan, all participants attended leadership lectures on topics that interested them.  I decided, based off of a small description, to go to one about budgeting free time called “Branching Out Your Free Time: Netflix and No Chill” (another factor was how clever the title was). In this session, we were taught to make our leisure time more purposeful in order to feel happier/more fulfilled. As humans, we usually take the lazy route when we want to relax, but there are things to consider that not only rest us but help us mentally.

I evaluated some of the things I do to relax and created ideas of what I could do to benefit more from my experiences.

Things that I should do in moderation:

  • Watching TV
  • Scrolling through social media
  • Napping

Things that would be a great use of my free time:

  • Writing in a journal
  • Going for a walk/run/bike ride
  • Talking to friends in person

As simple as the message of this lecture is, it was nice to evaluate my choices and brainstorm more productive means of leisure time. It all makes sense- I would feel better after an hour of writing a reflection of my day than an hour scrolling through social media reading about nonsense. There are so many simple ways we can all make our lives more meaningful and fulfilling. The presenters had us focus on exactly what we need to work on in our lives too, and mine came down to expressing my emotions more. I tend to hold things in and avoid how I am feeling, which just leads to added stress. This can be avoided though, and I am going to take the steps needed to do it. As someone who is health conscious, I recognize the importance of mental health and want to make it as much of a priority as physical health. I really want to focus on channeling my emotions and understanding myself more. I’m glad I got to experience this session because I feel I will be more conscious of the things I do in my free time and consider the benefits they can provide.

Screen Shot 2017-04-18 at 1.02.13 PM.png  VS. Screen Shot 2017-04-18 at 1.03.08 PM.png


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