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Life is Awesome

Life is awesome.

And before you jump to the conclusion that I’m going to brag about how great I think my life is for the entirety of this post, please hear me out. I’m not saying this simply because I think my life is awesome, but I really think life in general is the coolest thing ever.

So what got me thinking about this? Well, after moving to college, I was anxious a lot. I missed home, I missed my friends, and I missed how my life used to be. I had to start entirely from scratch here, and I viewed that as a bad thing. I just accepted the fact that it was going to take a while for me to adjust to this new lifestyle. I wasn’t allowing myself to feel happy because I was letting my anxiety take control. One night though, my friend came in my room and noticed I was upset about something. After asking what was wrong, I told him I was feeling really homesick. Instead of lecturing the usual “it will get better, don’t worry” spiel, he told me that a ton of us feel this way, but we can’t let that feeling control us. Now that we’re here, we all have the chance to do some pretty amazing stuff. We are lucky to be given the opportunity to learn about and explore new things.

I took my friend’s advice to heart and really wanted to change my outlook from there on out. It’s totally natural to miss a lifestyle and people that have been with me for my whole life, but it’s pretty darn awesome that I get to switch things up and see what else the world has to offer. I have made the decision to make the most out of every single day. I want to learn and experience as much as I can within my time here.

When we wake up every morning, we have tons of choices to make. We can choose to explore the world around us, or we can choose to lay in bed. We can choose to learn from our teachers and our peers, or we can choose to ignore them. We can choose to make the most out of every situation, or we can choose to have a bad attitude. We can choose kindness or bitterness, happiness or sadness. I think I’m making my point.

Life is awesome because we all have endless opportunities for greatness. There are so many things to be discovered and learned, good conversations to be had, and memories to be made. And even though there will be inevitable times of sadness, there is always the opportunity to look at the bright side. Yes, I miss everyone from home a lot, but I know that they have their own lives to better and have great opportunities ahead. I’m so excited to see what they achieve. But in the mean time, we will all be learning about the world, finding our passions, and getting out there and exploring… and that’s pretty darn awesome!


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