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Psych Got Me Thinking…

Why do humans do what we do? What makes us who we are? How do we function the way we do? These questions can be answered in the study of psychology.

Screen Shot 2016-12-18 at 1.39.07 AM.png
Psychology can answer that, Michael Scott! Photo courtesy of rebubble.com.

I enrolled in PSY 100L, an introductory course to psychology, with zero background of the subject. I was very interested in learning about the mind and answering the questions asked above, and I saw many benefits in taking the class. I find the way humans function to be one of the most interesting things to learn about. How we behave, how we react to things, how we dream, how we work- it’s all fascinating to me. While studying psychology entails much memorization of vocabulary, I believe it is all worth it to develop a good understanding of who we are.

In a leadership-focused perspective, I see much importance in understanding the human mind. When leading others, it is very useful to understand why people do the things they do and how to motivate them. Having a good grasp of psychology can help one learn how to effectively work with people. Good communication is one of the most important components of a leader in my opinion, and in the study of psychology, people can better their abilities in that aspect. My professor, Dr. Matthew Prewett, taught the material very well and incorporated real-world examples. I am very glad I took and experienced PSY 100L.



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