Leadership Dev.

Relay for Life LEAD Team

The Leader Advancement Scholarship protocol makes it mandatory that recipients join what are called “LEAD Teams.” There are many different teams, each specializing in an event that the Leadership Institute puts on. My event was Relay for Life, in which the Leadership Institute created a team to fundraise for the American Cancer Society and worked a table at the event. I was excited to be on this LEAD team for multiple reasons; my family has been affected by cancer and I had been an active participant in my high school’s Relay team. In order to fundraise successfully, my team had to plan out activities both for the day of the event and the days leading up to it.

But, my LEAD Team’s preparation for Relay did not go as planned (to say the least). Our team leader had issues in her schedule, making it difficult for her to set up meetings. The group was left feeling very concerned, as Relay was approaching and we had very little planned. Our leader decided to step down, and the Leadership Institute chose three girls to guide the team.  It was a stressful two weeks leading up to the event, but we successfully raised over 1,300 dollars and were the 3rd highest fundraising team for our event.

Relay for Life is an event that I hope to participate in for years to come. It is a cause I hold close to my heart because of how many people I know that have been directly affected by cancer. Not only do I believe that the money raised is making a huge impact, but I also believe the atmosphere of the event gives people an immense amount of hope. In times where nothing seems to be going right, Relay gives people feelings of unity and comfort. This year’s theme was birthday, which I loved because Relay is all about celebrating more birthdays. I hope to eventually find a leadership role for future Relays, and I may even join Colleges Against Cancer, the RSO that organizes Relay for Life. I saw the amount of work our leaders put into this, and it made me want to become more involved.

As most teams do, the Relay for Life LEAD team faced many complications, but I am proud of the work that was put in to make the event worthwhile. We made an effort not because we had to, but because we wanted to make it something meaningful. The day was a success, and we even had a great time doing it. I am very excited to participate in Relay for Life in all my years at Central.


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