Leadership Education

Note To Self: Don’t Use Clip Art or Comic Sans {LDR 200}

LDR 200, also known as Introduction to Leadership, was my favorite class of the week to attend in my second semester. Though a three hour class may seem grueling, it was worthwhile to spend it with my cohort while learning about one thing we all bond over: leadership.

LDR 200 was structured around two key elements: leadership initiatives and leadership theory workshops. The majority of the semester was spent planning for, presenting, and participating in both activities. Initiatives allowed us to gain skills in facilitation; they were comprised of activities with a learning goal and reflections to help participants understand their purpose. Each group had requirements to meet in order to effectively present the initiative. For the leadership workshops, we were again broken off into groups and advised to present on a specific leadership theory. Along with the theory, we added an interactive component in order to help people solidify concepts. Both the workshops and the initiatives helped me gain a better understanding of leadership theories, goals, and outcomes.

Moving forward from this class, I would love to incorporate the leadership theories I have learned into my daily life. I am in the process of creating my own unique leadership style, and having these concepts under my belt will be very beneficial. Along with understanding concepts, I want to take what I have learned about facilitation into consideration. I will be a Leadership Safari Guide in the fall, and I feel very prepared for that because of this class. Also, I feel that having this class under my belt will help with my career path, because leadership concepts can be applied to anything you can think of!

Also from this class, I learned to never, ever, EVER use clip art or comic sans in presentations. This was emphasized so much that I decided to incorporate it into the title of this blog post. Gifs though? Use all the gifs in the world.




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