Leadership Dev.

An Open Letter To My Mentee

Dear Hannah,

Hello and congratulations on getting LAS; I am so excited to see you grow here at CMU! I would just like to start off by saying how delighted and honored I already am to be your mentor. Talking to you over the Hannah’s Mentor account on Twitter has been so much fun, and I can’t wait to officially reveal to you (I already have it all planned out 😉 ). As I look past the fun reveal things though, I want to take a deeper look at what our relationship entails. I want to be the best mentor I can possibly be for you and I want to help make sure your transition to college is a smooth one.

In my LDR 200 class, which you will be taking with your cohort your spring semester, my class participated in a mentor workshop. In it, we discussed the importance of the mentor-mentee relationship and how to cultivate a great one. Topics of our open conversations included advice we would go back and give ourselves before move-in, resources we want our mentees to know about, and what we expect out of ourselves as mentors. These conversations made me consider your needs as a priority. There are things I’d love to see come out of being your mentor, but my priority is helping you as much as you want me to. And if that means just answering a few questions and letting you be, then that’s okay with me ((even though that’d make me vvvv sad)).

Before this mentor workshop, I really only focused on the friendship aspect of having a mentee. But I now view being a mentor as a much bigger responsibility and something that I want take seriously. I want to find a good balance between helping you as much as I can and letting you learn your way through college. Mistakes are meant to be made (I made my fair share of them), but I’ll be there when you need me. Mentee, I want you to feel comfortable enough to ask me anything and to look at me as someone you can trust. To be quite honest, my first semester of my freshman year was difficult. I didn’t entirely feel like I had anyone to vent to or to ask all of the complex college-y advice. So I want to do my best to be there for you. Anytime, any day: your mentor/friend. I’ll promise you that right now. 🙂

Well Mentee, in just three short months you will be starting the craziest ride of your life, and I can’t wait to help you through it. But for now, just remember to appreciate the time you have left in high school. It flies by so fast, and even though college really is awesome, there will definitely be things you’ll miss. The hype of LAS is so unique and exciting, but just remember to live in the moment and don’t take your time at home for granted.

T-Minus 4 days until I reveal to you!!!! EEEK!!!! Get excited, because I most certainly am! Talk to you soon, mentee.




You can be the Dwight Schrute to my Michael Scott (except we would have a much more functional relationship)!!

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