About Me




Hello & welcome to my blog! My name is Kristina Slifco and I am a junior at Central Michigan University. I am majoring in Communication Sciences and Disorders and minoring in both American Sign Language and Leadership. I hope to one day work with children aged 0-3 as a speech language pathologist.

I grew up in the southeastern part of the mitten in Macomb, Michigan and attended Henry Ford II High School. Growing up in Metro-Detroit has definitely made me more of a city girl, but I have a great appreciation for the “Up North” lifestyle. As the baby of my family, I’ve always looked up to my older sisters and parents; they have had a major influence in making me the person I am today. I miss them all very much now that I’m at college, but I am so grateful to have such hardworking and inspiring people in my life.

Some things I enjoy most include running, playing with my dogs, listening to music, writing, making people laugh, and eating chocolate. I also absolutely love traveling and being outdoors. I’d consider myself an introverted extrovert… Yes, that is in fact a thing!! I love comedies… My favorite show is The Office and Michael Scott is everything I aspire to be. I have always dreamt of being a cast member on SNL…. But my biggest (and probably a bit more attainable) goal is to run the Boston Marathon. I love to stay busy, so there I am always looking for something to spice up my routine!

I hope this helped you learn a little bit about me. If you’re curious for more, I will be posting about my personal and school-related experiences lots on here. Thanks for visiting my site- I hope you like it!