About Me

“Hello, it’s me.” -Adele

Hello & welcome to my blog! My name is Kristina Slifco and I am a sophomore at Central Michigan University. I am majoring in communication disorders and minoring in child development and leadership. I hope to one day work in an elementary school as a speech pathologist.

I grew up in the suburbs of Macomb, Michigan and went to Henry Ford II High School. As the baby of my family, I’ve always looked up to my older sisters and parents. They have had a major influence in making me the person I am today. I get much of my music taste and my love of running from my dad, I have developed a love of working with kids from my mom (who is a kindergarten teacher), and I get a lot of my competitiveness and silliness from my two older sisters. I miss them all very much now that I’m at college, but I am so grateful to have such hardworking and inspiring people in my life.

Some things I enjoy most include running and working out, playing with my dogs, collecting fun socks, writing, making people laugh, and eating chocolate. I love traveling and being outdoors- I want to take every chance I can get at CMU spent exploring a new place. I prefer calling over texting any day and especially love hand-written letters. If you haven’t already pieced it together, I consider myself an extrovert. I definitely have moments where I need my alone time though. I love comedies… My favorite show is The Office and Michael Scott is my spirit animal. I’d have to say my biggest goal in life is to be a cast member on SNL (a girl can dream, right?). I know my life isn’t meant to be normal, so I always try to embrace the craziness of it all.

I hope this helped you learn a little bit about me. If you’re curious for more, I will be posting about my personal and school-related experiences lots on here. Thank you for visiting my site- I hope you enjoy it!