A Letter For Better. This RSO is centered around the goal of spreading positivity around CMU and the United States. We create uplifting letters and messages to hand out to people and send to strangers throughout the country.  It encompasses my favorite words to live by: “No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.” -Aesop.

Alternative Breaks Site Leader/Participant. The CMU Volunteer Center introduced me to my favorite involvement on campus: Alternative Breaks. Known as AB’s for short, this program immerses students in social justice issues and educates them on how to be advocates for the causes as well as active citizens. As a participant, students can choose a cause they’d like to work with and prepare for the break in weekly team meetings, acclimating themselves to the group dynamic, and more importantly, the social issue. Locations for Alternative Breaks range from any state in the U.S., and groups are completely randomized to ensure fairness. As a junior, I am a site leader for two seasons: spring and summer.

Diversity/Inclusion/Service LEAD Team. For my Sophomore year protocol in LAS, I participate in the DIS LEAD Team. As a group, we try to incorporate service projects and promote diversity within LAS and CMU in general. We attend cultural events on campus and educate ourselves at bi-weekly meetings.

LAS Homecoming LEAD Team Chair. I am one of the co-chairs for the LAS alumni celebration event for CMU’s 2018 Homecoming. What’s special about this event is that LAS is celebrating 20 years of cohorts. I cannot wait to see how this LEAD team event unfolds and how our planning has paid off.

Leadership Launch Facilitator. I was asked to participate in a Unified leadership conference through Special Olympics Michigan. Before this, I never had any experience with people with special needs, and I am so grateful for having attended. Facilitating at this conference in Ann Arbor, Michigan was one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve had through my college career.

Leadership Safari Guide. The Leadership Institute hosts a freshman orientation conference known as Leadership Safari annually. I am a facilitator for this program. This job entails leading a group of approximately 10 incoming freshmen through a week of leadership lessons. We help them find comfortability on campus and encourage them to challenge themselves throughout their college careers.

Lunch Buddies. Lunch Buddies is a mentoring program where elementary students eat lunch and attend recess with a mentor from CMU every Friday. Mentors’ responsibilities include encouraging healthy eating, being a positive role model for not only their mentee but other students, and maintaining a consistent relationship with their buddy. We also have training every other week to learn how to be an effective and inspiring mentor.

Relay for Life LEAD Team. As part of the LAS protocol my Freshman year, I was assigned to the Relay LEAD team. My group’s task was to coordinate the Leadership Institute’s Relay for Life team. We plan fundraisers for before and during the event in order to donate to the American Cancer Society. Relay for Life was in March of 2017.

Spark Leadership Facilitator. The Spark Leadership Experience is a three-part series of leadership workshop lessons. I am a facilitator, meaning I am assigned groups of CMU students looking to explore their potentials as leaders on campus. At Spark, students learn about their leadership style and ways to be impactful leaders in society.

Speech-Language Hearing Club. As a future speech-language pathologist, I want to surround myself with like-minded people who will motivate me dig deeper in my passion. The Speech-Language Hearing Club unites CDO majors and helps us bond, motivates us to achieve our goals, and teaches us valuable lessons for our future careers.