Lunch Buddies. Working with kids is one of my biggest passions, so I made sure to apply for the Volunteer Center’s Lunch Buddies program as soon as I could. Lunch Buddies is a mentoring program where elementary students eat lunch and attend recess with a mentor from CMU every Friday. Mentors’ responsibilities include encouraging healthy eating, being a positive role model for not only their mentee but other students, and maintaining a consistent relationship with their buddy. We also have training every other week to learn how to be an effective and inspiring mentor. I have been enjoying my time as a Lunch Buddy very much so far and am planning on being one for the rest of my years at CMU.

Relay for Life LEAD Team. As part of the LAS protocol, I was assigned to a LEAD team. My group’s task is to coordinate our Relay for Life team. We plan fundraisers for before and during the event in order to donate to the American Cancer Society. Relay for Life is this March.

Residence Hall Floor Senator. As a member of Hall Council, I represent my floor with one other resident. We report community happenings and represent our floor at weekly hall council meetings. In addition to that, we set up bonding events with games and food for our hall/floor residents.