My Leadership Philosophy

Leadership is an intimidating concept to many due to its ambiguity, but to me, I love that it is open to such a wide variety of interpretations. I believe leadership can be applied to many instances of life and therefore can be the answer to the majority of problems. Even though there are almost limitless ways to define leadership, I have core principles that I believe encompass what leadership means to me.  Leadership is about discovering your passions and using them to inspire and motivate others to make great change within their communities.

When I reached high school, I began to wonder what my purpose in this life is. I took my values and passions into consideration and realized that I cannot lead an average life. No matter what I do career-wise or if I have a family of my own, I want to be able to leave this earth knowing I made a positive impact. I still think about my purpose on a daily basis, and I feel as though I am working diligently towards discovering it. I am passionate about a variety of things, and all are under the umbrella of helping people live their best possible lives. Right now, I am trying to integrate my goal of helping others with my passions. For example, I love health and fitness, so I have been working out with my friends on a daily basis for four months. Being each other’s accountability partners keeps us inspired and motivated to keep going every day. I believe that if I am determined enough to help people find a passion and a desire to reach a common goal, it can lead to fantastic outcomes. To ensure success, keeping spirits high is essential at all times, along with motivating people to never give up on their dreams.

Inspiration and determination are two of my top core values. I believe both are vital in order to effectively lead others. The ability to inspire people stems from having a deep passion for whatever goal one is trying to reach.  Having meaning behind goals gives one more of a reason to follow through with it. In my personal leadership style, I strive to help people find their own potential and actively work toward their goals. I am pursuing a degree in communication disorders, and I hope to be a speech pathologist in an elementary school. I aspire to give kids the skills they need to gain confidence and assure them that they are full of much potential. Knowing one’s worth is so important to making any steps towards success. The only reason people choose not to go after their goals is because they are afraid to fail, but only after failure does one find success.

Leadership is not about being a boss or having a title of power; it is about making people understand that they have the capability to achieve goals and inspiring them to do so. It is giving people assurance that it is okay to fail as long as they are trying their absolute hardest. Helping people discover their passions and utilizing their strengths to achieve an outcome greater than one’s self is what leads to a fulfilling life. Being a positive contributor to society is at the utmost importance, and leadership is needed to facilitate group action in the attempt of reaching goals.