“Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.”

Running. I have been a runner since the age of twelve. While I’ve never been the fastest, I feel incredibly lucky; I’ve developed a love for running over the years that most people never experience. Running is something I am passionate about because it is both a therapeutic and empowering ritual of mine. Every run I go on allows me to decompress after a stressful day, and at the same time, it makes me feel accomplished, strong, and beautiful. Participating in half marathons and marathons has allowed me to interact with those who share a love of running, health, and fitness, and that is a community I want to surround myself with as much as possible.

Child Advocacy. I have loved working with children ever since I was little myself. Whether it’s babysitting, volunteering at local schools, or helping in my mom’s classroom, I value education and healthy living during childhood. Kids inspire me so much; they are always open to adventure and they live with optimism. Not only that, but kids are at the most pure-hearted and influential times of their lives. How one grows up determines much of his or her character in the future. Education is so incredibly important, and it takes people with patience and kind hearts to help shape kids into the best versions of themselves. I believe education systems must provide equitable resources for children to succeed, and I also believe children should be ensured healthy and loving environments to grow up in. I want to do my part, no matter how big or small, in achieving those goals.