Over the years, I have worked on many aspects of myself that I deem important to my life. In no way do I believe I am an ‘expert’ at any of these, but I am continually striving to improve myself. I would consider myself skilled in these specific areas:

Public Speaking. I am very comfortable with speaking in front of people and have had much experience doing so. Whether it be for entertainment or educational purposes, I have never had a problem with attempting to keep an audience engaged. As long as I am readily prepared for whatever it is I am doing, I do not face much pressure in front of audiences.

Writing. Every since my early years of schooling, I have loved writing. I write for all sorts of reasons: to preserve memories, to channel my emotions, and to showcase my beliefs. Writing is a skill I want to continue to develop because of how useful and applicable it is in my life. Not only will I utilize it in a career-focused aspect, but I want to continue to creatively write as often as I do now in adulthood.

Analyzing. I analyze just about every aspect of my life. While this overcomplicates things for many people, it helps me organize my thoughts and gain a clear understanding of the situations I find myself in. I am glad I possess this skill because it allows me to become more empathetic to those around me and gain a deeper appreciation for the people and things I have in my life. I continually strive to learn about myself and the world around me, and analyzing things helps clear it all up in my mind.

Mediation. Branching off of my analytical side, I am a big believer in problem-solving. Whenever there is an issue with those I care about, I want to help solve it. For example, any time my friends are in an argument, I will be the one to reach out and help them through it. Tip-toeing around problems just causes a build-up of issues, and to work through conflict leads to a better appreciation for those around you. I believe this skill will be very useful in whatever work setting I find myself in when I am older. People inevitably disagree, but to have an unbiased mediator allows for a more respectful conflict-resolution.