Core Values

Here are my top five core values:

1. Growth

Growth is my top core value because whether we realize it or not, every one of us is constantly growing. Physically, we grow older, taller, stronger. But mentally and emotionally… We gain intelligence on a daily basis, we learn how to love, and we learn how to cope with pain. We learn right from wrong, good from bad. We are constantly learning lessons that make us who we are. Knowing that every experience I have is helping me grow is a sort of comfort to me. Growing is a beautiful thing, through good times and bad.

2. Respect

As kids, we are all taught to treat others the way we want to be treated. But when real world situations come into play and tough conflicts arise, many people forget to simply respect one another. I believe respect is necessary in all relationships and all interactions. Acknowledging another’s worth as a human being makes a world of a difference in life. Every word has a lasting impact, so maintaining respect at all times is something I value and strive for every day.

3. Authenticity

To be able to trust someone with your life is something all humans strive for, and I believe that trustworthiness is gained in being authentic. Staying true to one’s values and morals, doing things out of genuine interest, and showing love in every day actions are all admirable actions. Being authentic even if it’s not the popular thing to do means you genuinely care.

4. Balance

Balance is something I see in multiple lights. Primarily, I believe we should all strive to find a balance in our minds. Dealing with problems in effective ways rather than destructive, knowing our own limits in life, etcetera. But I also think balance can be physical, too. Knowing when to let yourself have a day off of that workout regiment, knowing when to say no to people. Finding a healthy balance in life is the key to feeling content (at least to me it is).

5. Citizenship

We are all members of a community. I strongly believe everyone should strive to be active members of their communities and try to make a positive impact on the world. Knowing social responsibility and acting upon injustices we see is crucial if we want to see any sort of progression in our lives.